Last week I was cleaning up our kitchen and mindlessly singing a song that was stuck in my head.  It was a song that our 4-year-old daughter learned and performed in her preschool Christmas musical.  The part I was singing to myself (or at least I thought I was singing to myself) said, “I’m tellin,’ I’m telling,’ I’m tellin’ the world that Christ is born!”

I was surprised when out of nowhere my daughter’s voice called from the other room, “It’s crust!”

Not really catching what she yelled, I said, “What?”

She responded, “It’s crust!  I’m tellin’ the world that CRUST is born!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at what she was saying.  I asked, “Crust?  That doesn’t make sense.  Tell me, how is crust born?”

To which she said, “I don’t know; that’s just what the song says!”

I stood corrected.  Not because she was right, necessarily, but because she had shed new light on a song that had quickly become very familiar to me.  Who was I to say the words of the song aren’t, “I’m tellin’ the world that crust is born?”  If that’s the word that a 4-year-old chooses to associate with the birth story of Jesus, then so be it (for now, at least!).  

With the beginning of a new year comes the annual tradition of setting resolutions, establishing goals and turning over new leaves.  It might just be me, but if I’m honest, part of me is more hesitant to make any sort of goals this year because of the manner in which this past year disrupted nearly every aspect of life.  At this point, the idea of any sort of “New Year’s resolution,” just seems like a song that I find myself mindlessly singing without really giving it any intentional thought.  

Perhaps this year more than most we need the voice of a child to yell at us from the other room with a fresh perspective on a familiar tune.  Sometimes the things that become rote in our lives need to be heard or experienced in new ways.  

Rather than giving up on the tradition of setting goals and resolutions at the beginning of this new year, perhaps this is the year that God wants to do something amazing in your life.  As tempted as many of us are this year to say, “I don’t know.  God working in my life right now?  How is that supposed to make sense?”  I’d encourage us to listen to the voice of those who have gone before us, those who have experienced God’s faithfulness in difficult times, and those who simply approach life with child-like-faith saying, “I don’t know; that’s just what the song says!”

May we hear God’s song of faithfulness and redemption in this world in new ways this New Year, and may we have the courage to sing that song boldly, even when it doesn’t yet make sense!

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